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Luxury Jewelry Getting a ‘Green’ Makeover

Posted: Mar. 24th, 2010  |  By JustLuxe Team
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Eco-Friendly Jewelry: Young couples are driving a new trend in the fine jewelry industry that has more to do with a piece’s creation than how it looks. These days, when young lovebirds decide to tie the knot and make their first big ticket jewelry purchases, their eco-conscious values shine through. Not that the phenomenon of eco-friendly jewelry is limited to the young. Increasingly, jewelry shoppers, both young and young at heart, are looking for jewelry that is both glamorous and green.

Jewelry is certainly one product where more attention to the environment could do some good. Supplying the demand for precious gemstones and metals has caused immeasurable harm to people and ecosystems throughout the world, from scarred toxic landscapes to conflict diamonds, which still exist. Increasing numbers of socially conscious jewelry customers are telling retailers that they want jewelry that is stylish, high-quality, and sourced in a responsible way. And as demand for earth-friendly jewelry grows, one pioneer is stepping in to deliver exactly the kind of product that consumers are seeking.

There are a number of offline and online retailers offering conflict-free and eco-friendly jewelry. One online retailer we recently discovered is a company called Brilliant Earth and they have created a new model for creating fine jewelry that they guarantee to be both conflict-free and eco-friendly. Brilliant Earth uses only recycled metal, which is possible because fine metals dot not exhibit degradation in quality over time. The company also sources its diamonds directly from mines in Canada and Namibia, where observance of strict labor and environmental standards can be officially verified. The company’s motto is “luxury with a conscience.” Now that’s an appealing combination that one day, we hope, will become the jewelry industry’s gold standard.

Brilliant Earth’s jewelry, all of it available online, is meticulously crafted and stunning. The company’s motto is “luxury with a conscience.” Now that’s an appealing combination that one day, we hope, will become the jewelry industry’s gold standard.
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