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Carl F. Bucherer: Don't Forget the King!

Posted: Apr. 24th, 2006  |  By JustLuxe Team
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Luxury Watches: Recently, we touted Carl F. Bucherer's single-copy Queen's Watch as a splashy testimony to his firm's exquisite craftsmanship and outrageously divine opulence. However, being the fair-minded purveyor of luxury living we are at Luxe, we deemed it appropriate to also bare Carl F. Bucherer's masculine side with the Patravi collection. Because, after all, kings have needs too.

And the Patravi Chronograph GMT series addresses those needs royally. The ease of setting the dual time zone succinctly appeases a man's need for flawless functionalism, while its commanding presence accentuates an aura of distinction and refinement. Six unique styles provide options aplenty to define individuality. Select from four Louisiana-alligator leather straps or two stainless-steel metal bracelets with easy-fastening mechanisms.

The Patravi Power Reserve wristwatches are also quite formidable. With a built-in decentralized power-reserve display, you readily know how long the watch will keep running. Models are available in black or white faceplates and come with either calf-leather straps or stainless-steel bracelets. These wristwatches also come in six variants and are waterproof to a depth of 50 meters.

Last but definitely not least, as there is no such terminology used when talking about wristwatches by Carl F Bucherer. The Patravi Tonneau collection offers six superb, sleek sophisticated wristwatch styles so stunningly attractive that women may find themselves gravitating toward this collection too. The Tonneau collection features a power-reserve display, a second time-zone display and a multi-part stainless-steel watchcase. Three stainless-steel bracelets and three with leather bands are available.

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