Angelina Jolie Launches Jewelry Collection To Aid Charities

Pear Shaped Citrine and Cushion Cut Necklace

Photo Courtesy of Robert Procop

Whether you're Team Aniston or Team Jolie, you've got to admit that Angelina Jolie definitely knows how to rock the red carpet. While the world is still staring at her amazing legs, it turns out that Jolie has been designing her own luxury jewelry collection with the help of the Jolie-Pitt family jeweler, Robert Procop. Robert Procop is the jeweler that notoriously broke the news about Angelina Jolie's engagement to Brad Pitt, as he helped the actor and father of six, design the ring.

It seems that Procop knows exactly what Jolie likes when it comes to jewelry style as he has also collaborated with her on a jewelry collection, Style of Jolie. Procop and Jolie met in 2000 and designed the first collection for Style of Jolie in 2010. Previously only available through special appointment, the collection of monochromatic stones and red gold is now set to be available at select boutiques in countries including the United States, Russia, China, and Turkey.
On working with Jolie, Procop told The Huffington Post, "She is a truly gifted artist and a pleasure to work with; she brings joy to everyone around her. It is an honor to work with someone who uses her talents to help the lives of so many." According to the official website for the collection, the first funds from the collaboration of socially responsible jewelry have been dedicated to the Education Partnership for Children in Conflict to build a school in Afghanistan.
Already a school for girls is said to have been built in addition to more giving that is planned using proceeds from an upcoming exhibit of the collection at the Grand Hotel in Cap Ferrat and Monaco's Hotel de Paris . The exhibit will be open from July 15 through August 15 and is filled with cushion cut stones and bold pieces that would stand out on one of the glamorous black gowns favored by Jolie herself.
Whether bright emeralds or shiny gold citrine, Style of Jolie oozes sophistication like the lady herself. To learn more visit

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