Creating Luxury Jewelry is a Family Tradition at Hellmuth

Hellmuth Jewelry

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Hellmuth Jewelry, best known for the "Croco" style, is a blend of science and art with a hint of sensuality. Made in Germany by premier jewelry designer Gert Hellmuth, the brand continues a family obsession with crocodile. Hellmuth jewelry frequently reinterprets the pattern of crocodile skin in 18k gold, mingled with diamonds and colored gems.

But the family history of using crocodile skin goes back to Gert's great grandfather, who made crocodile handbags and accessories as early as 1870 and Gert's father, who made crocodile watch straps.

Since 1983, Hellmuth has used this family history to create luxurious abstract jewelry patterns, with expert craftsmanship and attention to detail that has earned the company worldwide fandom. Celebrities that wear Hellmuth include Katherine Heigl, Brooke Burke, animal-skin lover Jennifer Lopez, PETA activist Pamela Anderson and many others from music, film and sports.
Current Hellmuth collections are in both gold and silver. The gold collection features yellow, white and rose gold pieces and includes lavish wearable art filled with intricate details that mimic crocodile skin.
Not your typical high-end jewelry, Hellmuth is all about the details, like skulls and heavy cocktails rings. There are also more delicate bangles, bracelets and rings, but the true standouts are the bigger pieces.
For a more casual look, the silver collection has beads and woven leather as well as some large pieces in the "Croco" style. Not to forget any member of a luxury loving family, there is also Hellmuth Hund, a collection for pooches. Charms are decked out with diamonds and Croco patterns and can even be personalized if you send the manufacturer a digital image of your furry friend.
With such a distinct point of view, it's easy to see why Hellmuth has such a fashionable following. For more information, head to

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