Fun Pieces for Life's Different Chapters
SHO Fine Jewellery

Photo Courtesy of SHO Fine Jewellery
SHO Fine Jewellery is all about offering a fashionably fresh take on jewelry design. The luxury jewelry brand's motto, “SHO is all about having fun with fine jewellery,” shows through the brand’s fun but sophisticated pieces that are featured within its 18kt Gold Collections, Sterling Silver Collections, and newer Couture Collection.

Designer Sarah Ho attributes her creativity and success to the childhood she had growing up in Hong Kong. Coming from a highly-respected family within her community, Ho’s parents made sure that she spent her younger years mingling with Hong Kong’s elite. With her father being a successful businessman and her mother a fashionable socialite, it wasn’t hard for Ho to find her way into that distinguished group. Today, Ho says it was her upbringing that encouraged her to create jewelry “whose evocativeness is only rivaled by its timelessness.”
She created Sarah Ho Fine Jewellery in 2006, and the brand has grown steadily over the past six years with each collection that is added to its repertoire. She launched Sarah Ho Couture in 2011, with the spotlight on the spectacular Aurora Necklace and Earrings. These pieces, made from delicately colored beryls, diamonds, and pink and yellow sapphire accents, are pillars of the Couture Collection. Also a part of the Couture Collection are the My Topaz Ring and the Peridot and Citrine Drop Earrings (pictured above).
SHO Fine Jewellery features a number of other astonishing pieces from both its 18ct Gold Collections and Sterling Silver Collections. What makes her pieces wildly popular is that each collection has an inspiration and story behind it, many that match life chapters of SHO Fine Jewellery’s consumers. Some of her most popular items include the Crop Circle earrings, the Clementia rings, and the 5 Blessings pendant, which represents Health, Happiness, Peace, Virtue and Long Life.
Since its launch in 2006, SHO Fine Jewellery has been connected to a number of charities, including Childline, ANIMA (Macau’s animal welfare charity), Cancer Research, the World Land Trust and the Elephant Family. Many of her collections mirror the charities they are connected to, most notably the elephant-inspired pieces.

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