Unique Jewelry by Wendy Brandes Creates a Bold Statement

Photo Courtesy of Wendy Brandes Jewelry
Luxury jewelry designer Wendy Brandes first got her start in the industry when she designed her own engagement ring and wedding band in 2001. Just a few years later, she followed her calling and switched career paths after several years working in the media and marketing industries. Chasing her dream in the industry that she’s passionate for is paying off—just this year, she won Fashion Group International’s Rising Star award for fine jewelry.

Wendy first stepped on the scene with her distinguished letter rings, which have been seen on celebrities and models alike. It’s no wonder this collection put Wendy on the map—the letter rings spell out pop culture’s favorite shorthand like OMG, YOLO, and LOL, among other, more colorful phrases. If you’re a fan of the East Coast, proclaim your love for New York City by wearing the NYC or 212 rings.
Wendy is known for creating unique pieces which are labeled by their inspiration. Pieces inspired by royalty, noble women, and nature fall in a higher price range than the pop culture jewelry, up to over $20,000 depending on the materials used. These pieces use colored stones, diamonds, and pearls to get Wendy’s vision across, and are set in 18K yellow gold, 18K white gold, platinum, and mixed metals. Popular items from these categories include the Empress Wu Dragon Ring and Earrings, and the Edburga Poison Ring, which we love.
She’s also known for making lockets and mechanical pieces, which gives her brand a distinguished quality. Pieces like the Edburga Poison Ring, which is made with rose quartz and diamond, include locket features which open and close. Others like the Hathor Swivel Ring and Earrings have centers that flip over, which gives you the option of wearing either turquoise or carnelian.

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