Earthly Elements Get a New Life as Luxury Jewelry in the Sabi Collection

Sabi Collection
Many people collect souvenirs and memorabilia on their travels, but with the Sabi Collection, the journeys come to the wearer via luxury jewelry made with wood found around the globe. The pieces are adorned in a way to contrast the wood's raw and rustic nature, usually complemented by colorful string and chains. There are two tags that come with each piece— one with a map highlighting the geographic location where the wood was found and one with a photo of the piece of wood before it was ever touched.

Designer Jill McKeown explains, "This piece of wood had no identity before being discovered by a person. It enters the next phase of its life, as it is transformed into multiple pieces of jewelry— this way, it gains identity and is treasured in a way that it wasn't before, without forgetting where it was found. The wearer determines its new destiny... where it goes, who sees it, and with what it is paired."
With a Bachelor's degree in biology and a Master's degree in architecture, it is evident that both play a strong role in shaping the Sabi Collection. Natural wood is broken down, shaped, and molded into unique pieces before being tied together with sculpted wires and strings. Among all this transformation, the wood pieces manage to retain a certain freedom of shape.
Beginning with a block of wood from a geographic location, the wood is cut and shaped to make a new and special piece of jewelry. Although the natural element to this collection would most obviously appeal to the bohemian type, many pieces would pair just as well with the streamlined style of a jet setter.
Sabi Collection is mainly comprised of necklaces, although the artist reportedly has plans to add bracelets and other pieces to the collections later. Any of these jewelry pieces, which range from $68-$198, would make special presents for a bridal party or other small group of friends. Of course if you gift one, you'll probably want to keep one of them for yourself.

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