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Pippa Small Jewellery Inspires With Humanitarian Efforts

Pieces from luxury jewelry brand Pippa Small Jewellery may be stunning to look at, but itís the designerís motivation behind her brand that makes them even more inspiring and beautiful. Looking at the pieces, one is at once in awe of the sheer quality, size, and design of the stonesó all of which are semi-precious and set in 14-22k gold. But when learning that these gorgeous gems are all ethically produced with fair-trade practices, it makes us commend the designer even more.

Born in a French-speaking province of Canada and raised in England, itís safe to say that Pippa Small got the travel bug at an early age. Always attracted to gems, shells and minerals, Pippa began collecting trinkets in her childhood that reminded her of certain people, places, or times. She strung these items and wore them to allow them to become recalled memoriesó she was essentially wearing her own story. It was her insatiable desire to learn about cultures and other lifestyles that led her to study anthropology. Her knack for jewelry came back into practice again when she needed a way to fund her educationó and thatís when she began to catch the attention of brands like Gucci, Nicole Farhi and Chloe, all of whom she has collaborated with. From there, itís no surprise that sheís become a favorite of celebrities like Rachel McAdams, Reese Witherspoon, and Uma Thurman.
Small has been able to fuse her loves of jewelry and anthropology by traveling to the furthest corners of the earth to take part in courageous humanitarian efforts. To date sheís been to Southeast Asia, Afghanistan, Africa and South America to revitalize native talent and lift those countriesí handcrafters out of poverty. Itís these artisans that make her jewelry in places as remote as Kabul and the slums of Nairobi ó where Smalls herself resides in order to teach these people her craft. She sells jewelry sourced and made in Afghanistan, India, Bolivia, Panama and Kenya and all of the gold she uses is from the worldís only fair-trade gold mine.

Nicolle Keogh

Nicolle graduated from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX in 2011 with degrees in Journalism and French. Originally from the East Coast, she is a recent San Diego transplant who is trying to take advantage of all that this sunny city has to offer. She was a contributor to her campus newspapers at SMU and was previously the Editor of San Diego-based start-up DailyCrowdsource....(Read More)

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