Devon Timepieces: Making Manly Watches Even Manlier

Photos Courtesy of Devon Timepieces

There’s not a whole lot that you can do with a watch. As far as innovation goes watches are pretty consistent pieces; the façade may change and little bells and whistles are added on, but for the most part its general mechanics remains the same. With a square face, rotating conveyer belts, and bullet proof glass, Devon timepieces absolutely break the mold. This is not your grandfather’s pocket watch.

Their breakout watch the Tread 1, is in a class of modernity and edge all its own. Although rough in appearance, this steampunk styled watch is pretty much as sleek as you’re going to get. It’s exposed inner workings give off a raw energy, plus steel and motors are pretty much the manliest things in the world, right? Every belt was created, re-invented, and reworked to make sure they wouldn't stretch and would keep time as accurately as possible, and they do so within half a second per day. Each of the four conveyor belts are on their own motor which in turn is connected to a central microprocessor, making the clockwork itself a revolution in engineering. Clockwork hasn't evolved much since the 17th century, but this computer on your wrist is about to change all of that.

Owning the worldwide patent on the engineering mechanisms means they are not going to stop anytime soon. There is already a Tread 2 in the works and despite the webpage claiming that it’s coming soon, it’s not coming soon enough. With names like Ghost, Murder, Nightmare, and Shining, the new collection conjures up images of macabre debauchery, but that just makes it even more badass.

Devon timepieces are available worldwide in Devon stores and select retailers. Prices range from $17,500-$19,500.

Marissa Stempien

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