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Fine Jewelry: When it comes to high-quality precious stones, both gem collectors and fashionistas alike turn to Temple St. Clair. While living in Florence, Italy, Temple St. Clair Carr founded the luxury jewelry line back in 1986. After an invitation to showcase her first collection exclusively in New York City, it wasn’t long before Temple St. Clair hit the shelves of luxury retailers and became a coveted addition to any connoisseur’s collection.

Having earned quite the following for its modern yet classic style, Temple St. Clair is now sold at more than 100 retailers throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Each seasonal collection features signature pieces, fashioned from luminescent gemstones, iconic rock crystal amulets, and gleaming gold.

While each piece is undeniably beautiful, the true beauty of each collection lays in the fact that each piece represents something truly unique. The Temple St. Clair Collections include Rock Crystal Amulets; Angels; Classic Gold; Astrological; Mermaid Collection; Celestial; Classic Color; Royal Blue Moonstone; and Collectibles.

Among our favorites is the Royal Blue Moonstone Collection, which consists of earrings, pendants, necklaces, rings and bracelets, each carefully crafted from piercing blue moonstone and exquisite diamonds. Signature pieces include the 18 karat pavé pear vine and classic pear drop earrings, as well as the 18 karat classic pear drop, oval halo, and pavé halo pear drop pendants. Each stone within the Royal Blue Moonstone Collection is carefully selected for its clarity and precise cabochon cut.

Highlights of the Collectibles Collection include an 18 karat gold pavé halo graduated necklace adorned with blue moonstones and diamonds; a stunning rock crystal egg amulet; a classic halo ring with rainbow moonstone and diamonds, and a pavé halo vine ring with blue moonstones and diamonds. With unique settings created by some of the finest goldsmiths in Italy, each piece is considered to be a highly collectible jewel.

In addition to these staple collections, Temple St. Clair also offers a superior line of men’s cufflinks and engagement rings.

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18K Pave Halo Vine Ring with Blue Moonstones and Diamonds
18K Classic Halo Ring with Rainbow Moonstones and Diamonds
18K Oval Pendant with Moonstones and Diamonds
18K Pave Halo Pear Drop Pendant with Blue Moonstones and Diamonds
18K Pave Pear Vine Drop Earring with Royal Blue Moonstones and Diamonds
18K Classic Pear Drop Earrings with Blue Moonstones and Diamonds
18K Rock Crystal Egg Amulet with Blue Moonstones and Diamonds
18K Pave Halo Graduated Necklace with Blue Moonstones and Diamonds
18K Classic Pear Drop Pendant with Blue Moonstones and Diamonds

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