The Best Jewelry: The How, What and Why of Dazzling Diamonds!

Ice Uncovered: Fashion can be exhausting. You get excited about the newest 'it' bag or shoe design and as soon as you make an investment, it's already passé. While some trends are worth taking on, sometimes you just want a sure thing. Like, for instance, diamonds.

You probably already know the basics about diamonds: They're sparkly, they're expensive, they're the rock of choice for engagement rings, and bottom line, they're beautiful. But do you really know why diamonds carry a hefty price tag and why they have been beloved for generations? Let's explore a little bit of the diamond's back-story to truly understand its value.

First of all, we'll start with a little bit of science class. The diamond you buy today was actually formed billions of years ago (yes, billions). Simple carbon -- just like the graphite you find in a lead pencil -- was transformed by the application of heat and pressure. Basically, the diamonds were created way underground in boiling hot magma, and when volcanic eruptions occur, diamonds from deep below the earth's surface are thrust upwards. After cooling in Kimberlite pipes, diamonds are then found through various forms of mining. So it's not so surprising that diamonds are expensive: They are insanely old as well as rare.

But there is a lot more to the story, whether or not you're interested in geology. Diamonds have always been associated with some interesting myths and legends. The ancient Greeks thought a diamond's sparkle came from falling stars whose splinters landed on Earth. Others noted their precious value by saying diamonds were the tears of the Gods. Even Cupid was said to have arrows tipped with diamonds -- This was an early association formed between love and bling!

And are you wondering how these coveted stones made their way onto engagement rings? Up until the 15th Century, only kings and rulers were allowed to wear diamonds. But that all changed in 1477, when Archduke Maximilian of Austria presented Mary of Burgundy with a diamond engagement ring. (It wasn't until much later -- the 20th Century -- that De Beers started advertising to the masses with the slogan "A Diamond is Forever.")

Today, diamonds are still associated with special occasions. In Hollywood terms, that means events like the Oscars® or red carpet premieres. For the rest of us, they are perfect gifts for birthdays, holidays and best of all, engagement rings. Now that you know the inside story, let's take a look at a few classic pieces that will work for your next special occasion:

Birthday: A pair of simple, sparkly drop earrings will flatter any woman. I love this Gaelle version in 18-karat white gold. Everybody looks good with a bit of shimmer around their face, so you can't go wrong!

Valentine's Day: If there was ever a time to go with a theme, this holiday is it. Try the ultra-sweet Twin Heart Bracelet to really win her over. The combination of white and yellow gold with twinkling pave diamonds means that it will match everything in her jewelry box.

Splurge for Me: This is the best kind of gift -- the one to yourself. Whether you're celebrating a promotion or are just in the mood for something beautiful, how about choosing a fun right-hand ring? This feminine Floral Band would be a perfectly unique pinky ring.

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