The Luxe List: Perrelet's Diamond Flower Prestige Edition Watches

Luxury Watches: Perrelet's multi-award-winning Diamond Flower Prestige Edition watches combine the simple elegance of a diamond bracelet with artisan jewelry-making, the mystique of the lotus flower, and the sophistication of Swiss timepiece technology. The result is a truly unique, feminine and breathtaking heirloom timepiece.

Perrelet has long been lauded for its illustrious Diamond Flower Prestige Edition watches, voted Watch of the Year by the Swiss public in 2008. Among other notable features, these distinctive watches have a patented double rotor that showcases the diamonds, rubies, sapphires or emeralds used in each design. The signature bejeweled lotus flower is a visible rotor that is linked and perfectly synchronized with the oscillating weight, which supplies additional energy — and a whimsical sensibility — to the winding mechanism. Thus, the wearer animates her watch by her own movements.

The flawless Diamond Flower Prestige Edition collection includes three models each adorned with an abundance of luxurious stones that embody the designer's playful spirit, but do not make the timepieces overly ostentatious.

The most noteworthy model in the collection is the A7007 - a stunning timepiece that any woman would covet. Made of white gold and featuring a full pave dial, this 10.48 carat, 1,045-diamond-encrusted piece is nothing short of magnificent. The $162,000 watch will surely please any woman who wears it.

The red A7005, the second model in the collection, adds a touch of spice and sass to any outfit with its 519 diamonds (1.4 carat weight) and 238 impeccable rubies (2.43 carat weight). The red tinted crocodile band is complimented with a white gold pave dial that makes the red lotus detail pop. With its exquisite diamond and ruby pairing, the A7005 is more modestly priced at $54,000.

For those who prefer a more subtle timepiece that still exudes style and class, the third model A7002 fits the bill perfectly. This watch has a rose gold casing and chocolate mother-of-pearl dial all embellished with 3.41 carats of diamonds — 593 in all. With a price of $44,500, the fluid lines of the stones contrast with the elegant dark crocodile band to make this watch both classic and refined.

The exclusive and highly recognizable "Perrelet" tapestry design can be seen through the sapphire crystal casing of all three models, and succeeds in adding the defined personality of the Perrelet brand name to each and every piece.

The feminine Diamond Flower Prestige Edition watches combine finesse and harmony with jewelry and watch-making technology to give women a rare and vibrant expression of time.

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