Griffin Accessories Are Giving Men A Modern Take on Tried and True Styles

Photos Courtesy of Griffin
Remember the wallet your father had when you were younger? That large, mahogany bi-fold that your allowance always came out of had a certain elegance to it; perhaps it was the smell of the leather or that it consistently held enough money for you to go to the movies with your friends and buy a new outfit at the mall that week—either way it made an impact. Gorjana & Griffin is bringing the same functional simplicity to men’s accessories and bags like your father once carried, but with contemporary cuts and modern details.

Starting the brand in their apartment back in 2004, husband and wife duo Gorjana and Jason Griffin began a line that was focused on women’s jewelry. Based on simplicity and contemporary designs, the label did exceptionally well and began expanding with footwear, handbags and accessories. Not to leave men’s styles behind, Jason began creating functional bags and accessories for the sister brand, Griffin, in 2012. Both having backgrounds as models, their experience in the fashion world gave them an insider’s look that lent to their design aesthetic.
While your dad probably didn’t have a sleek iPad case (maybe he had a cool leather case for his ‘90s-box-of-a-cellphone), or structured laptop briefcase, he would have reveled in the clean lines and simple hardware of these pieces. Large weekend bags made from durable canvas and leather trim with metal details are given modern pops of style by orange insides or navy exteriors. Leather embossed compass designs on their Anderson boat bag give the whole collection a nautical feel that showcases the Laguna Beach-based brand’s proximity to the Pacific coast.
The brand has grown exponentially in the last year with their new collection of bags and accessories released just yesterday, and a line of men’s watches on the way. Though it might not quite be your father’s wallet, I’m sure he’d be the first to grab a new card case and laptop bag. And even if he didn’t, it could only mean that now you’re the stylish man in the family.

Marissa Stempien

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