Men's 2014 Spring/Summer 3.Paradis Collection Is a Little Hit or Miss


Photos Courtesy of 3. Paradis

The second collection from new Parisian fashion house 3.Paradis, offers two distinct themes in the 2014 Spring/Summer lineup. While both are fairly focused on casual high-fashion for men, one is a monochromatic display of wearable looks that could be easily mixed into a guy's wardrobe with relative ease; the other is full body floral prints that seem to miss the mark—albeit just barely.



Inspired by Hong Kong fashion and European street style, the designs are interpretations of art and freedom through luxury ready-to-wear. And while some of the black and white offerings from 3.Paradis might be a bit too experimental for a lot of men out there, it's not difficult to imagine seeing a fashionable guy rocking these tops out on the town. Even the fellas who aren't on top of the curve when it comes to menswear can gain a lot from adding a couple of these pieces to their ensemble; strong blacks and whites go well with nearly anything anyway. That being said, the best thing you can pair with this collection is confidence, which—let's be honest here—makes any man look better.


On the other hand, there's not really a conceivable place where a guy would look good wearing the full-printed floral pieces in this collection. Meant to break conventions in menswear, the floral designs were created with good intention, but fall short of a functioning wardrobe. Even with loads of that aforementioned confidence, these pieces come off kind of like pajamas and likely aren't going to pick up much, if any, traction for 3.Paradis.


What's regrettable is that this particular set is incredibly well cut, which shows that the design team is of notably high caliber; they just went a little too experimental to catch the eye—and dollar—of most guys. However, this could be a great collection for anyone looking to thoroughly separate themselves from the masses and show off as a beacon of fashion-forward thinking: it'll garner a lot of attention, just not a lot of praise.

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