NBA Stylist Calyann Barnett Talks About Dwyane Wade, Off-Court Fashion and How to Dress Like a Basketball Superstar

If you’re loving some of the styles that star basketball players like Dwyane Wade, Rajon Rondo, Josh Smith and LaMarcus Aldridge are rocking, then Calyann Barnett is about to be your new favorite person. Stylist to celebrities and athletes, Barnett has taken some of the most boringly dressed men and turned them into fashion icons, styling them in everything from handsome suits to funky prints. And with a personal taste that could rival some of the most well-dressed bloggers and fashion week veterans, Barnett is making a name for herself dressing NBA players off the court.

Growing up in Miami, and starting college with a major in business administration and a minor in criminal justice, Barnett confesses knew she didn’t want to pursue business, but wasn’t quite sure how her love of fashion could become a career. “When I first went to school and college I had no idea what a stylist was,” she explains. “I decided to move to New York and I thought I wanted to be a buyer. Anybody who doesn’t know anything about fashion, they want to be something from marketing—you want to be a buyer.” Starting her fashion education at the Fashion Institute of Technology she began the merchandising program and took an introductory styling class, instantly falling in love with it. “I was like ‘oh! This is what I want to be!’” she laughed. “It was like being a designer except you didn’t have to draw or sew.”

Marissa Stempien

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