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Newly Designed ?1 Coin Is Using Current Technology To Cut Down On Counterfeiting

BY : Marissa Stempien | 2014

The Royal Mint has been working on a replacement £1 coin that’s purpose is to cut down on counterfeiting in the United Kingdom. Designed with two tones of metal, the twelve-sided currency piece is styled like the threepence coin that was...


Mauritius Growing as an Investment Hub Due to Tax-Friendly Government

The island nation of Mauritius is now being considered a "Safe and Reliable Investment Hub," due to its good governance and social, political, ethical and economic stability. It’s current status has also landed it the top...

Ferrari and Lamborghini Report Record 2013 Fiscal Year

BY : Noah Joseph | 2014

If you've ever looked at the six-figure price tag on an exotic Italian supercar and wondered what the profit margin was for the companies that build them, rest assured that it's plenty. In fact both Ferrari and Lamborghini have reported...


The Luxury Summit Pilgrimage: A Retro-and Prospective Look At The American Express Publishing Luxury Summit

The American Express Publishing Luxury Summit has been in existence for 12 years. It is usually held in the spring, with a multitude of diverse speakers, exceptionally well known in their respective fields, most having to do with...
BY: Susan Kime | 2014

Re-Engineering The Luxury Brand: A Conversation With CEO Rony Zeidan of RO New York

BY : Susan Kime | 2014

Rony Zeidan is the Founder and CEO of RO New York—a strategic, multi-disciplinary, full-service luxury design/advertising/branding agency with a global awareness—that partners with clients to translate brand stories visually through...


Meet the Woman Who Went From a Warzone to the Top of South Florida's Real Estate Game

BY : Courtney Driver | 2014

South Florida is known for many things, included among them being a very nice place to call home. Pleasant weather, a vibrant environment and quick flights to New England up north and the Caribbean down south, make the region attractive to pretty...


VH1's The Fabulous Life Returns Tonight Kicking Off With Kim, Kanye and Baby North

BY : Donald Herrera-Fairbairn | 2014

VH1's popular series The Fabulous Life is returning soon and the season is looking to offer an up-close look at some of the most luxurious lifestyles in the celebrity world. The new season's episodes will give viewers an inside look at the...


An Update on the Unsettling News for Bitcoin's Future

BY : Susan Kime | 2014

Back in December, I discussed the pros and cons of Bitcoin, the new P2P (peer to peer) virtual currency. From the outset, this idea and its reality, its theory and its practice, has been replete with controversy. Paul Krugman, a 2008 Nobel Laureate...


Wealth-X Names Top 10 Most Exclusive Suites Around the World

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and the world’s ultra-wealthy are sure to spend it showering their loved ones with lavish gifts, special surprises and maybe even a night away from home at an extravagant hotel. Since your average-everyday...
BY: JustLuxe Team | 2014

Australia's Controversial Luxury Car Tax is Up for Debate in New Report

BY : Mila Pantovich | 2014

For those of you who live in Australia and are in the market for a luxury car, you probably already know all about the controversy surrounding the luxury auto tax (which is 33 percent on some cars that cost over $60k). Well, according to The Age,...


What Are The Most Incredible Luxury Items That Money Can Buy?

When the super rich want to go on a shopping spree, what do they buy? Answer: Anything they want. The more lavish, the better. Giving us a look into what some of those items could be is One Queensridge Place, a dual-tower luxury residence in...
BY: JustLuxe Team | 2014

Private Jets Fight Over Precious Teterboro Airport Space for Super Bowl XLVIII

BY : Mila Pantovich | 2014

The Super Bowl is fast approaching, with fans scrambling to get themselves the best seats they can find for the big Denver Broncos vs the Seattle Seahawks game. Fans aren't the only ones engaged in a competition over the NFL event though,...

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