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Bespoke 46664 Bangles for Morgan Freeman & Lori McCreary for Oscar Style

Mar. 5th, 2010 | Comments 4 | Make a Comment   
News & Trends: It's rare that style and substance come together, but the 46664 Bangle is both, by raising money for Nelson Mandela's various charities and creating employment in South Africa.

Nominated for his portrayal of Nelson Mandela, Oscar winner Morgan Freeman is said to never take off his Bespoke 46664 Bangle, which he will be sporting at this year's Academy Award ceremony, as will producer Lori McCreary.

Designed by Sabina Roemer, Freeman's platinum bangle is decorated with emeralds and black diamonds. McCreary's yellow gold bangle is a filigreed African Daisy design scattered with white diamonds.

Roemer, who designs all of McCreary's jewelry says, "When Lori told me she wanted something different for the Oscars I took the opportunity to contribute to a line of jewelery that does more than just adorn bodies. The Academy Awards red carpet is all about fashion, but I feel these bangles add a dimension of social awareness and responsibility to the affair."

Each bangle contains a unique serial number that can be used to register them online and in so doing, authenticate them and track who was has been employed through the program.

As a long time supporter of the bangle program, Freeman says, "The 'Invictus' Bespoke 46664 Bangle is a reminder that one person can indeed make a significant impact on the world."

Freeman will be auctioning off his bespoke bangle to benefit the 46664 Bangle Initiative. The 46664 Bangle ranges in price from $23.95 for the copper bangles, $229 for silver bangles to $5,900 for 18-carat gold and $6,400 for 24-carat gold, to $12,900 for platinum.
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4 Comments on this Article

Jewelry Dropshippers commented on December 28, 2010

Nice!! No doubt it is look like one of the finest jewelry but it seems the most precious jewelry because of its beautiful design. It has enough potential to attract the attention of people. I like it. Get more jewelry so just visit

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alison commented on March 8, 2010

anyone know where we can buy the bracelets ?

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theBangle commented on March 7, 2010

Delighted to see the sparkling 46664 Bangle bracelets on the red carpet tonight. Beautiful bling which will raise money for charity - and you can also contribute by buying your own 46664 Bangle bracelet at

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Julie Alison commented on March 6, 2010

We're honored to see Morgan Freeman wearing the 46664 Bangle. Anyone can support the 46664 Bangle project by buying their own bangle at (for immediate shipment from the US)

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