elle. the new fragrance.

2007. The YSL woman thrives in the city.
Her fragrance like her virtual essence,
accompanies her every step.

The whole town has become her stomping ground.
From left bank to right, she lives with boundless freedom,
dashing along familiar avenues, striding across bridges with the click of her high heeled shoes.
The city is her field of inspiration,
her ground for expression.
Her memories connect with every street sign:
From delight to emotion, from desire to passion.

Unpredictable and unique.
The essence of femininity.
The embodiment of an incomparable style,
contemporary chic with a touch of the bohemian.
A fragrance that lets a woman to be herself in all her facets.
It is her signature.
It fuses with her.
It is elle. And elle is her.
elle, Yves Saint Laurent

Unpredictable and unique.
Free to choose what suits her.
Full of contrasts.
A delightful blend of contradictions.
Inspired by the city she illuminates with
her dramatic, charismatic presence.
Immersed in art, a creator, a muse, a mentor…
An ardent seductress. Bold, amorous, glamorous.
She lives her passions - each and every one -
to the full, with no compromises