First Nextant 400XT Business Jet Delivered in Switzerland

Nextant 400XT airplane

Photos Courtesy of Nextant Aerospace
TAG Aviation is the first private aviation company in Switzerland to acquire a Nextant 400XT airplane. The new business jet was delivered earlier this month and is the third aircraft shipped to the European market by Nextant Aerospace — the Nextant 400XT is the only re-manufactured business jet made worldwide. TAG Aviation is a multifaceted private-aviation firm that operates several jet-chartering services, a maintenance facility, and aircraft management services. 

“We are proud to have the Nextant 400XT chosen by TAG Aviation as the latest addition to their fleet,” said Jay Heublein, VP of sales and marketing for Nextant Aerospace. “For over three decades TAG Aviation has been a global leader in the business aircraft industry and they recognize the importance of value, comfort, speed and range to their clients. It is an honor to be affiliated with their brand and the quality of service they deliver.”
 Nextant 400XT airplane
Launched in 2007 and with their manufacturing facility based in Cuyahoga County Airport in Cleveland, Ohio, Nextant Aerospace has had sales of over $100 million since late 2011. Additionally, the firm is doing so well that it reports currently having a sales backlog valued at more than $175 million.

The Nextant 400XT can fly from Geneva to nearly anywhere in Europe or North Africa without needing to refuel due to its nautical-mile range of 2,003 miles. The Nextant 400XT is a remanufactured Beechjet 400A/XP, which is equipped with the Williams FJ44-3AP engines and a Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 integrated avionics suite. It also contains an avionics system, electrical wiring, and a luxury interior. The aircraft sells at approximately half the price of a comparable new aircraft with 30 percent lower operating costs. Nextant 400XT airplane
“The Nextant 400XT is an ideal aircraft for many customers in Europe,” said Robert Wells, CEO of TAG Aviation. “The aircraft delivers excellent value and very attractive cabin comfort, speed, and range. As an operator, we also appreciate the improvements that the Nextant represents, which are expected to enhance dispatch reliability and lower maintenance costs.”

Jay Heublein estimates that there are about 1,542 entry-level business jets in Europe worth around $5 billion. He further stated that he believes that the industry is now positioned for long-term growth because entry-level aircraft are light-and medium-sized airplanes. Nextant 400XT airplane

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