May. 14th, 2013

Jet Art Group Makes Masterpiece Using $10 Million Learjet Engine "Paintbrush"

Jet Art Group Makes Masterpiece Using $10 Million Learjet Engin
Photos Courtesy of Flexjet
In celebration of the pioneering aviation company’s 50th anniversary, Flexjet has partnered with New York-based Jet Art Group to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces using a Learjet engine as a $10 million dollar "paintbrush." Artist Princess Tarinan von Anhalt used a Learjet 40 XR engine to project paint onto the canvas while strapped to a hydraulic platform 50 feet between the two. The engine emits a force of approximately seven tons, several times more powerful than hurricane speed winds, as well as intense heat, “blending and welding” the paint onto the canvas to create extraordinary abstract works of art. 
 Jet Art Group Makes Masterpiece Using $10 Million Lear

Von Anhalt has been creating paintings in the style of Jackson Pollock using similar methods since 2006 and several have been sold to collectors for six figure sums. The process involves Von Anhalt, who wears special protective gear, getting covered in a fair amount of paint herself. Flexjet, the exclusive fractional provider for the revolutionary new $17 million Learjet 85, the first business jet to be made from carbon composite materials, will donate one of the works to Auction Napa Valley to help the organization raise money for healthcare, youth service and affordable housing non-profit organizations.
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