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There are countless private jet companies that promise you a relaxing flight, but more often than not, saddle you with extra fees and surprise charges. To compete, Delta offers its own private jet service that guarantees you luxury in-air service at reasonable — and upfront — prices. With flexible options that allow you to choose what type of experience you want, Delta makes flying accessible to many different types of budgets, whether you fly for business constantly or just want to start your vacation off right.
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Delta Private Jets have gone through many different names since its inception in 1984, including Comair Jet Express and Delta AirElite, but it has seemed to really find its stride within the past few years and even won Best Private Jet Service in July from Executive Travel magazine. Giving people the option to switch their type of travel, commercial or private, the company prides itself on being flexible and customizable. The program's Private Jets Card locks a specific price in for up to two years, giving you the ability to go wherever you want without the fee being raised. Able to choose the type of aircraft you fly in for each trip (from light to large), you can spend your money whatever way you want, whether it's for yourself or friends and family. Domestic hourly rates for a light jet (including fuel and taxes) with a 1,200-mile range start at around $5,250, while international hourly rates for a large aircraft with a 3,400-mile range start at $14,450.  private jet travel

If the full card is too much, check out their Fractional Jet Card for an initial purchase price of $25,000 and an annual fee of $2,500. Locking down prices for one year is a great approach for anyone wanting to try the program out because if you like it, you can always upgrade to the full $100,000 card at any time. The aircraft options and prices are the same, but if you upgrade within 60 days of your purchase, Delta will put the annual fee towards your account balance.

If you're the type to hop on a plane for a weekend in Italy, you probably run with a circle of friends who share the same lifestyle. If there's one thing people do well, it’s talk about their success; and having a private jet at their disposal is pretty high up there. Delta offers a Referral Program that credits $1,500 to your account for each person you bring in — the newcomer will get the same credit. If you're going to talk, you may as well get rewarded for it, right?

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