Jetset from NYC to London in 11 Minutes

How would you like to fly from New York to London in 11 minutes? If put into production, Bombardier’s Antipode aircraft concept will reportedly be able to do just that. Able to hit a top speed of Mach 24, which is 18,414 miles-per-hour (almost 12 times faster than Concorde), the project comes on the heels of the company’s previous supersonic jet concept, the Skreemr. 

Mila Pantovich

An avid traveler, Mila Pantovich splits her time between San Diego, CA and Banff, AB Canada. She has been featured in several publications, including Huffington Post and Citizine, and also works in marketing for a prestigious law firm. Follow her travels on Instagram: @MilaPantovich ...(Read More)

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