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Emivest SJ30 is superstar light business jet

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Aircraft: The SJ30 by Dubai-based Emivest Aerospace is a superstar of the light business jet community. It has the longest flight range and is the fastest light business jet in the industry. With a ceiling of 49,000 feet and a flight range of 2,500 nautical miles, the SJ30 is capable of flying nonstop from NY to L.A. The SJ30’s top cruising speed is 0.83 Mach or 560 mph.

The light business jet recently took flight with one of Hollywood’s prominent A-listers. Academy-award winning actor and pilot Morgan Freeman took ownership of an SJ30, while in Dubai, during the year’s end holiday season. Mr. Freeman, who also owns a Cessna 44 and a Cessna Citation 501 SP, is flying his SJ30 on the promo tour for the release of his most recent movie Invictus. The major feature film also stars Academy-award winner Matt Damon.

Backlot: Mr. Freeman picked the SJ30 for the promotional tour because of its smooth ride, speed and long-flight capability. Mr. Freeman became a pilot at age 65.

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