Prive Boutique Presents Precious Rebels Guitars

Arts & Culture: Privé Boutique's latest additions will truly glamorize anyone's art collection or jam session, and without a doubt make quite a statement. Members now have access to several original guitars, each adorned with approximately 6,000 Austrian Swarovski crystals.

These guitars are sought-after not only for their magnificent presence, but also for the name behind the art, Amanda Dunbar- a world-renowned artist. Amanda was born in Ontario, Canada, and moved at the age of 12 to Allen, Texas, where she first picked up a paintbrush. It was in an after school art class where she discovered she had an innate gift. Shortly thereafter she had been recognized as a child prodigy; a very fitting title for someone who sold out her first art show, selling over half a million dollars at age 16. She is no stranger to the world of media, having been on the Oprah Show twice, ABC's "Person of the Week", and countless magazines and newspapers. Amanda has also been working diligently with different charities, and is the ambassador to The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. All her work has been recognized, and at 23 she was honored to be the youngest person entered into the Governor's Texas Woman's Hall of Fame.

In 2008 Amanda decided to expand her canvas to include guitars. Her collection of some 30 pieces, entitled Precious Rebels, are all custom picked and entirely original. Anyone can see the precision required to create the intricate designs with one glance. Amanda has the capacity to capture the character of each guitar, while giving them a dazzling make over. These re-born guitars may look delicate but they are for rocking out. The guitars are spruced up also to enhance their playing ability with custom hardware and are equipped with microchip technology for security of an authentic "Precious Rebel" guitar.

Her instruments have caught the attention of many prominent musicians, celebrities, and art collectors. They have been featured on American Idol and Versace ad campaigns, used by the Black Eyed Peas and played by Nickleback's front man Chad Kroeger during the opening of each show on the North American tour. Talk about wow factor. Smashing one of these guitars for performance sake wont be necessary, the mere image of the guitar is a performance in itself. And now, Privé members, preferred customers can not only get their hands on these guitars, but have the opportunity to have a piece custom designed, complete with a 'Privé' guitar case.

Cyprian Lerch

Cyprian Lerch is a global luxury service savant. Having founded one of the worlds leading bespoke luxury service companies, Cyprian is currently managing director of Privé International and runs the companies blog site Privé Access which covers topics on the latest in luxury services from Private jet charters to naval security for your private yacht. Having come from a family of globet...(Read More)

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