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Patrón Social Club

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The holidays can be a stressful time of year with many frantically creating gift lists, trying to come up with unique ideas to give their loved ones. Which gift for your best friend? Which one for your mom? Is it unique enough? Will it make them happy? If you know anyone who has a taste for fine spirits - or maybe you're the aficionado yourself - consider buying some Patrón for the holidays, maybe a bottle of Gran Patrón Platinum. Better yet, offer them an invite to the Patrón Social Club. Members of this exclusive club get access to private social events that are incredibly covert and one-of-a-kind experiences. For example, you can win your very own Patrón Cocktail Party for you and your friends by answering a few questions about what makes you happy.
 Patrón Social Club
The Holiday Happiness Experiment looks into what might make us happier these holidays. Maybe it isn’t about how much we get. Maybe it’s how much we give? Once you enter you will be able to see the results from everyone around the country. Trust us, there are some really interesting outcomes here. Once you answer the questions, the experiment goes even further. Patrón is offering an opportunity to win another unique, limited edition gift, but, there’s a catch. You have to make a choice between keeping it for yourself or giving it to a friend. Enter the site to make your choice and see the results of that, too. Right now there's a limited edition hard cover copy of "The Drink Maker Book" up for grabs, so make sure to get over there to try your luck.

Even if you don’t win, Patrón still has some great gift ideas for you. Their lineup of ultra-premium tequilas made with 100% Weber agave are perfect holiday gifts. Smooth Patrón Silver for Aunt Marge, refined Reposado for your office crush, and oaky Añejo for Dad. Each bottle is hand-blown, and individually numbered, so no two bottles are alike. Unique, ultra-premium, and delicious. Holiday giving solved! And, if you’re looking for some unique cocktail ideas for this year’s holiday party, they’ve got you covered there, too. Patrón Social Club
Aside from the neat Happiness Experiments, the Secret Dining Society is definitely one of the coolest offerings of the Social Club. Patrón takes social experiences seriously and wants to do more than simply be the drink of choice at events, they want to create memories. The Dining Society orchestrates private events held in strange and unique locations, each one featuring Patrón cocktails that are paired with special menus organized by gourmet chefs. Members have to keep an eye out as the city location for each event isn't announced until the clock strikes zero, which also comes with a riddle you have to answer within 72 hours of the reveal. If you get a seat at the event, it comes with a guest invite, but that guest has to be a member as well so you better invite anyone you'd want to take early. Sending out invites also increases your chance of winning because if that person ends up winning a seat, they may choose to take you as a show of gratitude. If you don't live in the event's selected city you can't get a seat but you are still eligible to win a unique prize that will help you throw your very own dinner event at home.

One of the past Secret Dining Society events was a sunset cruise around Boston Harbor, with a surprise meal prepared by Chef Michael Schlow at The Institute of Contemporary Art. Drinks were provided by Mixologist Arley Howard.The next city hasn't been revealed yet but Patrón is hinting that they "might set this city ablaze".  Patrón Social Club
Also available on the Social Club's site is a neat interactive map which uses your computer's location to show you marked destinations nearby that are great places to enjoy a Patrón drink. You can even add to the map by listing your own secret places you like to enjoy a Patrón cocktail at. The map is an inventive and unique way members can interact with one another, as well as the company, to find new places to discover.

Of course, a liquor social club wouldn't be right without access to cocktail recipes, which is why Patrón Social Club has over 100 to choose from, including holiday cocktails. We think the Rosemary Holiday Cup, with Patrón Añejo and vanilla green chili-infused simple syrup, looks especially tasty. Make sure to make note of all your favorite recipes so you can have an extensive drink menu for your friends and family at your next party.  Patrón Social Club
Instead of giving a loved one something they may just re-gift next year, give them a priceless invite to the Patrón Social Club. You never know, your gift may get repaid tenfold with an invitation as their personal guest to an upcoming secret event.

Well, what are you waiting for? C’mon! Get happy!


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