The Johnnie Walker House in Beijing
Drink Whiskey in a Whole New Way

Johnnie Walker House in Beijing

Photo Courtesy of Johnnie Walker
Johnnie Walker, the world’s number one Scotch whiskey, has just opened the Johnnie Walker House in Beijing, China. Yes, you heard right, the world’s largest embassy for some of the best fine spirits just launched in one of the busiest cities in the world, offering a divine dining experience and spirits a-plenty to warm the soul of every adventurous traveler.
 Alexander Walker Blending Room
Just like its sister property in Shanghai, this luxurious house of whiskey combines a bar, museum, retail outlet and an exclusive member’s club, providing visitors with an array of bespoke experiences to indulge in. Residing on what once was the only royal road for Chinese emperors to attend sacrificial ceremonies there is definitely some unique history to this newest addition to the Johnnie Walker family.  Ceiling of Odyssey Lounge
For the design concept of the building, customers can drink in many authentic elements of the distillation of Scotch whiskey as the walls and floors contain the basic elements of whiskey including copper, yeast, water, barley and peat. With pure and rich elements consuming the contemporary space, members will feel comfortable and welcomed, easily being able to spark conversation (with the assistance of liquid courage or not.) Johnnie Walker Distillery
Offering an in-depth experience into the world of whiskey, the Johnnie Walker House offers signature blends and private “whiskey-inspired” dining from the in-house chef. Seeing as there are so many different whiskey options available, patrons will also have access to an exclusive concierge service and relationship managers that will get to know the preferences of each guest, ensuring that the experience is as personal and pleasurable as possible.  Johnnie Walker Odyssey Lounge
With the world’s number one Blended Scotch Whiskey brand behind the business, guests will enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience, delving headfirst into the unique features and rich culture of whiskey (and the drinking part shouldn't be too bad either).

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