Learn How to Cook Italian Campania-Style Cuisine at Quattro Passi's New Bespoke Cookery School

Quattro Passi, cookery school, italy

Photos Courtesy of Quattro Passi

Cooking is one of our favorite pastimes and we're always looking for new dishes to try out. But just because we enjoy cooking doesn't mean we know all there is to know—far from it—so sometimes we like to join in on a fun cooking class and Quattro Passi's Cookery School in Italy is definitely on our list. The two Michelin-starred restaurant, owned and run by Antonio Mellino, is known for its deliciously authentic Campania cuisine and that's exactly what their cooking courses are designed to teach.

The classes are taught by the main sous-chef and are open to all levels of cooking prowess, no matter how new you are. They are structured to teach you how to make a three-course meal, including "light and simple pasta, seafood and meat dishes, and recipes from Antonio Mellino's recent cookbook The Mermaid's Cuisine." 

Quattro Passi, cookery school, italy

You can choose a simple two-hour lunch class at €200 per person (around $267 USD); a one-night option that includes a tour of a local market, the cooking class and lunch at €380 a person ($507 USD); and a two-night package that adds on wine tasting in Quattro Passi's wine cellar and dinner at the Chef's Table for €520 a person ($695 USD).

To make a reservation, visit the restaurant, call +39 081 8082800, or email

Quattro Passi, cookery school, italyQuattro Passi, cookery school, italyQuattro Passi, cookery school, italyQuattro Passi, cookery school, italy

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