Toast Bloody Mary Day With These 3 Unique Vodka Recipes

America’s favorite way to nurse a hangover is with a Bloody Mary, so it should be no surprise that New Year’s Day also happens to be National Bloody Mary Day.

“Bloody Marys are one of the best hangover drinks because there is so much substance to [them],” says award-winning mixologist Ryan Wainwright of Terrine Restaurant in Los Angeles. “Most drinks are predominantly alcohol or juice, but the Bloody Mary acts as a sort of meal replacement, with tomato juice, celery juice, carrot juice, plus salt to help you retain water. In California, it’s especially popular because Southern Californians love Mexican flavors and look for a lot of heat in their food. That’s how I approach the Bloody Mary at Terrine, making it salty, spicy and savory, almost like a boozy, Central American gazpacho.”

When you make your own, make sure to booze carefully and creatively. “I use St. George Green Chile Vodka because bell, habañero and serrano peppers are distilled right into the [spirit],” says Wainwright. “If you’re not looking for that spice, choose a potato vodka. It’s oilier and fatter in flavor, which plays really well with the salt.”

Vicki Arkoff

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