The iPad Just Went Retro With the Typescreen

Photo Courtesy of Spinning Hat
Tired of the kids these days with their touchscreens and their fancy keyboards? Miss those thrilling days of typing on a old Remington mechanical typewriter? Well the past lives again with the Typescreen mechanical typewriter simulator for the iPad.

If you're the kind of person who loves old tech, maybe you've got one of those bakelite phone handsets for your cell for example, this is just the thing for you. The Typescreen gives you the ability to type on a touchscreen, literally touching the screen using pads that activate the keyboard.

Developed over 16 months by Spinning Hat, the Typescreen allows you to type on your iPad touchscreen mechanically rather then electronically. No Bluetooth here, the Typepad simulates the old-school technology where the letters left an impression on the paper, with a ribbon and darn it people liked it.

Personally, I love this device. It's got a certain class to it, a retro feel that's missing these days with many gadgets. Devices like this remind me why I wear an automatic wristwatch instead of a quartz timepiece - sure, the quartz always shows the perfectly exact time, but it's got no soul.

If you want a Typescreen you better hurry though, Spinning Hat has only manufactured a few of these and there's no word if there will be another run. You can pick one up for the quite reasonable price of $56 from the Spinning Hat website.

Dave Freeman

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