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proscenium black diamond III

Photo Courtesy of Walker Audio

That earthquake that rattled the East Coast this week might have been caused by Pennsylvania-based Walker Audio’s testing of their new turntables. Announced just days ago, the Proscenium Black Diamond III is loaded with enough features to get the ears of audiophiles anxious with anticipation of this luxury gadget.

The Black Diamond III is decked out with a modified suspension system that improves sound quality by adding a separate, isolated air supply that uses lower air pressure in the suspension chambers, and new coupling material was added to isolate the chambers from the equipment rack. This achievement not only advances the audio by allowing adjustment of the isolation, rigidity, and resonance, but it also extends the life of the air chamber pods indefinitely.

“We actually had no intention of upgrading or changing the Proscenium Black Diamond II turntable,” said Lloyd Walker, President and Founder of Walker Audio. “That unit is already considered one of the best in the world and we thought we had achieved the pinnacle of analog playback possibilities. We were wrong. The changes to the air pressure and the new coupling material result in a musical presentation that is truly phenomenal.”

Accolades from the company only go so far, so consider what the community already has to say about the new Proscenium product. “When it comes to high fidelity audio, I'm pretty hard to please,” said Dennis Pitzer, President of the Philadelphia Area Audiophile Group. “Analog playback is my choice over digital for the ultimate sound and I thought the medium’s potential had been fully realized with Walker’s previous turntable. To describe the new Proscenium Black Diamond III as evolutionary would be a gross understatement. It is a revolution in audio analog reproduction! Walker Audio has created a game-changing product.”

Walker has been a big name in sound since their founder first got in the game, and the company has received many awards for their superior products. For more details regarding pricing of your own home audio upgrade, visit their website at

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