Big Screen TV Picks for Watching Super Bowl XLVI at Home

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Are you ready for some football? The next best thing to being at the 46th Super Bowl in Indianapolis, Indiana, is to have a super view of the NFL’s season-ending finale. If your household is trying to make the call over which big-screen television will provide the best home-viewing advantage for your team, here are some that made our list of All-Luxe Big Screen TVs for Watching Super Bowl XLVI!

C SEED 201

The only problem this TV raises is that you may need a larger house to accommodate it. The C SEED 201 is the largest outdoor viewable television in the world with its 201-inch backlit LED screen. When the television is not being watched, it can be stored underground in a waterproof shaft.

The touch of a button on the TV’s remote control opens the lid of the storage shaft. A pillar-shaped support column stand rises as high as 15 feet. Once the stand reaches its set height, seven large screen panels unfold to form one 201-inch LED television. It takes less than a minute from the remote-control activation to the TV being ready for use. It retails at $637,800. Neither an open-air arena nor a forum is included with this purchase.

BeoVision 4 – 3D TV

The visual quality of the BeoVision 4 by Bang & Olufsen actually readjusts itself every 100 hours to remain at peak efficiency. The 3D television is available in an 85-and a 103-inch viewing screen. There is a sensor atop the TV that measures and adjusts to the ambient light in the room akin to the screen of a smartphone. The screen also is coated with an anti-reflective film that eliminates glare.

Samsung 3D LED TV

This award-winning 46-inch, 3D LED is among the leaders in the advancement of this technology. This hookup makes every viewing experience a special event, as it can convert regular 2D broadcasts to a 3D viewing experience, with 3D glasses available as well. Additionally, the set’s Web-connected application, Samsung Apps, enables movie streaming, video games, and the ability to check out photographs while watching television. Along with its advanced technology, having a diameter of only 12 inches makes it convenient to set up a unit that is 52 inches wide and 39 inches tall. It really does measures up nicely from all angles.

LG PenTouch TV

The LG PenTouch TV puts touch-screen technology into 50-and 60-inch plasma screens. The TV has a touch-sensitive stylus that is activated by remote control when the television is connected to a personal computer. With the PenTouch software, you can interact with the Internet with the stylus and create, modify, and control a variety of content directly on the screen. Two styli can be used simultaneously, and the batteries for the pens are rechargeable through the USB ports on the television or on a personal computer. The TV’s screen is made with protective scratch-resistant glass.

There are two 60-inch screen models and a 50-inch version. One of the 60-inch variants has 3D capability and retails at $2,199. The other 60-inch model and the 50-inch model are priced at $1,699 and $1,099, respectively. 

Vizio XVT 55 Inch

This HD LCD television is a recommended pick of Consumer Reports magazine (December 2011) for an LCD TV with a 50-plus-inch viewing screen. The picture quality rating was excellent in both the HD and the standard-viewing format. The same model also is available with 42-and 47-inch screens.

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