Elevate Your BBQ With Masterbuilt's Electric Digital Smoker

Photo Courtesy of Masterbuilt
Summertime is synonymous with backyard barbecues, staying at home with the family, and grilling up burgers and hot dogs. Now, you can add a little more flavor to the traditional cookout with Masterbuilt?s electric digital smokehouse. Whether you are smoking for the first time or are an expert, Masterbuilt has an entire line of smokers that will have your friends and family asking you how you got those smoky ribs to fall off the bone.

The 30-inch electric digital smokehouse just might be the easiest way to get familiar with the Masterbuilt line. The four-rack model holds just the right amount of ribs, pork shoulder and chicken for a family party. The best part about the electric smoker is that you can set the temperature and not have to worry about it reaching or maintaining a specific degree. This unit has a built-in thermostat so you can easily set the preferred temperature and a remote control to keep the meat at a consistent cooking temperature (from the remote, you can also control the smoker temperature, monitoring time and internal light as well).

While you don?t have to use charcoal or propane, the electric smoker does require a small amount of wood chips. There is an easy-to-load side tray where you can put the chips without having to open the front door and release heat. We love the clear front door that allows for viewing and built-in wheels so we can move it from one location to another.

Before you get started, be sure to season the smoker by filling the wood chip tray and putting the temperature to the highest setting. Open the air vents and allow the unit to smoke for two hours while adding chips twice throughout the process to remove any residue left while the unit was manufactured.


Once you are ready to get started, put the drip pan on the bottom rack to catch any drippings from the meats. Be sure to get a good cookbook like Dadgum That?s Good written by Masterbuilt?s CEO John McLemore, which provides recipes for smoking everything from potato salad and macaroni and cheese to pork butt and chicken wings.

We recently chatted with McLemore to discuss the secret to his company?s success. ?We have been in business for almost 40 years,? he said. ?It has been a family business since my father started it in 1973. I became the owner in 1984. We first came out with a seven-in-one smoker that has evolved from gas to charcoal and now to electric. We are the lead in the industry of smokers when it comes to electric. It?s so easy to use and really takes the hassle out of smoking.?

McLemore has written two cookbooks with the first published in 2010 and the second coming out in August of this year. ?I have always enjoyed cooking,? he said. ?Our goal is to make recipes safer and less intimidating with the food turning out dadgum good every time you try them.?

While McLemore?s father started the company, he still remains a prominent presence in the business. ?My father is 75 years old and is not only my best friend and mentor but my business partner,? he said. ?He started smoking in his backyard so my inspiration for cooking really comes from him. I hope to continue to expand the scope of the line to include high-end products that are fun. We are also looking to expand the turkey fryer line.?

He is currently filming a reality cooking show where he will travel to different cities nationwide and cook for the masses. ?The challenge is to create food for a large crowd that will ?wow? the audience,? he said. ?We are going to build a cooking machine that will allow us to create a large recipe. The show will air sometime over the summer on a national cable network.?

The 30" Black Model with window retails for $349.99. Visit to learn more.

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