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Navigation is pretty important and with so many luxury gadgets out there, from smartphone apps to dedicated GPS units, it's pretty hard for us to get lost nowadays. Electronics company Garmin has been at the top of the GPS market for years now, previously focusing most of their attentions on automotive and handheld GPS units, but have now decided to combine GPS with their foray into sport watches. The fenix is a rugged watch that has serious adventurists in mind, bringing accurate readings no matter how dense the forest you're trekking through is.

If you're not the type who enjoys hiking for hours in the middle of nowhere, fighting off rattle snakes with your bare hands while chewing on strips of dried beef, you probably won't want to pay $399 for fenix. However, if that does sound like you, we found your watch. Whether you're enjoying some geocaching (basically a global scavenger hunt) in the park or embarking on a life-affirming mission in the desert, you can set up your adventure by downloading routes from your computer or create them by tagging all of your favorite spots as Waypoints (such as the campsite, car, beginning of a trail, or a neat swimming hole). If you discover a new route, fenix can track it for you as you go and if you get turned around, you can backtrack the way you came (possibly the most important feature). The unit can store up to 10,000 Track points and up to 1,000 Waypoints.lltitle=Garmin GPS Watch ### llcontent= Garmin has been known to guide people to their destinations via their advanced GPS tecnhology, and now time they're offering the same navigation solutions in a watch. The fenix hands-free GPS is perfect for those adventure lovers who are more than willing to get lost in the woods but still want to find their way out.

With ABC (altimeter, barometer, compass) sensors, the waterproof device can give you information on heading, elevation, and even weather changes. You can monitor your heart rate while running or track how fast your going when biking, as well as being able to dive up to 164 feet without having to worry about water damage.

"fenix packs Garmin's leading and trusted outdoor technology into a robust, wrist-worn GPS watch that outdoorsman can rely on," says Dan Bartel, Garmen's Vice President of Worldwide Sales. "Being able to go hands free while still having access to Garmin's precise and accurate information on weather, elevation and position provides adventurers the confidences and peace of mind to take their outdoor activities even further off-trail."
Garmin's GPS units usually have a touch-enabled screen but that wouldn't really make sense for a watch meant for rough treatment. Instead, fenix has a clean round face that's scratch resistant, buttons along the edge, and a polyurethane wristband in olive or orange (a leather wristband can also be requested). It's able to connect to various wireless accessories, like a smart phone where you can save and view your adventure on a more detailed interface.

Of course, aside from all of the fancy features, the watch can still tell you the accurate time, wake you with an alarm that uses chimes and vibrating alerts, and be used as a timer and stopwatch.

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