Stream Music From Your Smartphone to Your Playmaker Speaker

Photo Courtesy of Bang & Olufsen
We've been telling you about so many luxury speakers lately, what's one more? Especially since this one is able to stream music wirelessly. Bang & Olufsen is making their way into the wireless age and their new Playmaker is definitely helping them get there. Once it's linked to your AirPlay or DLNA-friendly device, you can listen to whatever you want from various venues (like iTunes and Spotify) through this little white speaker.

The company promises that Playmaker is able to stream from nearly any smartphone, tablet, Mac, PC, or media server. All you have to do is click play on whatever device you're using and the music immediately streams to the speaker. According to B&O, while it is a small speaker that's transmitting wirelessly, you won't lose any clarity, instead getting a clean, strong sound. If you want sound all throughout your home you can use multiple Playmakers and sync them. Or if you have a big family and each person wants to listen to something different in each room, multiple Playmakers can create however many music zones you want.
We like that once you have everything squared away, you don't really have to ever touch the little gadget again since literally everything, from turning the music on to controlling the volume, is done with your linked device. This means you can put Playmaker somewhere inconvenient to reach, like maybe up on a high shelf, and you don't have to worry about it.

Another great perk is that you can connect the device to any set of B&O loudspeakers, essentially making them wireless as well. "...We believe that most new B&O owners will want to include Playmaker when purchasing any new pair of B&O speakers. Therefore, we have strong expectations for its sales performance, especially among an entirely new customer segment that may have aspired to own world-class B&O loudspeakers but chose not to invest in an audio or video system to drive the B&O speakers for one reason or another," says Zean Nielsen, President of Bang & Olufsen America, Inc.
If you want to get the Playmaker for yourself, it will hit stores by the end of the month and will costs $425. The company will also be offering a neat bundle that also gets you BeoLab 3 speakers for an even more powerful sound for $4,310.

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