Instagram Photos Get Bigger and Better Through Instacube


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Instacube: A wireless device that not only displays images from smart phones at three times the size, but may in the near future redefine your definition of smart device... Oh, and maybe even change your life in the process.

According to the makers of this enhanced digital photo frame, both Instagram and Facebook images can be streamed instantly to interested friends and family all over the world. That means owners will be constantly receiving a flow of new pictures that can be completely customized and even restricted by hashtags.lltitle=Stream Your Instagram Pictures to Instacube### llcontent=Instacube offers self-proclaimed photographers, and even the professional ones, a way to stream their Instagram photos to a electronic box that acts as an ever-changing picture frame. Not only are they easier to see than on your smart phone, they maintain their original look and aren't blown out of proportion.
Instacube is an Android-based, photo-frame-like touch screen display technology, featuring a 6.5 inch screen, 4GB of internal memory, and also has a built in 802.11 WiFi system.

The makers of Instacube are also working with the creators of SmartThings, to put in place a piece of technology that could redefine your lifestyle. This small but powerful cube will hopefully soon have the capability of sending out visual notifications dealing with the physical environment around you, such as someone arriving at the front door, a garage door being left open, AC and light control.
Do you have a morning routine that you want automated? By using the smart app aptly called “Morning Routine,” Instacube can be programmed to wake you up in the morning, start the coffee maker and turn on the bathroom lights, even before your first step out of bed. Not only that, the SmartThings technology can prompt the Instacube to turn on and off, and then photo stream its user. Pretty cool, huh?
The inspired idea behind the Instacube came from the mind of John Whaley who wanted to create a “living canvas” using a stand-alone device so that 600x600 pixel images can be enjoyed in homes and offices. Although as you can see, the concept will not stop there. It’s also simple to use: just plug the device in, turn it in, connect it to the wireless system, and log into your Instagram account. After you’re logged in, you can toggle through images, “like” photos and finally turn it off, using a total of just three buttons. Instacube also comes with a rechargeable lithium battery in case you’re always on the go.
The Instacube is not targeted to just the everyday consumer, but also to businesses. It can act as a great way to communicate between consumer and producer, enabling consumers to post product feedback on their Instacube for companies to use as free advertising in their stores.

You can buy an Instacube for $149 via Kickstarter, or take advantage of the Lover's Pair deal and get two for $199.

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