Instagram Photos Get Bigger and Better Through Instacube

Instacube: A wireless device that not only displays images from smart phones at three times the size, but may in the near future redefine your definition of smart device... Oh, and maybe even change your life in the process.

According to the makers of this enhanced digital photo frame, both Instagram and Facebook images can be streamed instantly to interested friends and family all over the world. That means owners will be constantly receiving a flow of new pictures that can be completely customized and even restricted by hashtags.lltitle=Stream Your Instagram Pictures to Instacube### llcontent=Instacube offers self-proclaimed photographers, and even the professional ones, a way to stream their Instagram photos to a electronic box that acts as an ever-changing picture frame. Not only are they easier to see than on your smart phone, they maintain their original look and aren't blown out of proportion.

Joseph Vasquez

Joseph is a graduate of University California State San Marcos . He loves to travel, and has visited large foreign cities such as Barcelona, Amsterdam, Vancouver, and Guadalajara. As a writer,in his spare time Joseph has had his poetry and short stories selected for publication in various newsletters on He has also written film reviews, and has covered the San Diego Chargers on TP...(Read More)

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