Nokia's Strange and Advanced Cell Phones

nokia cell phone

Photo Courtesy of Nokia
People lost their minds for the new iPhone's release but the design seems pretty safe compared to some of the weird looks Nokia put into the world ten years ago. Long before Apple took over the cellular phone business, Nokia released one strange phone after another in attempts to keep up with customer demands. While they may be unattractive compared to today's super sleek designs, many of these were actually pretty advanced for the period.

According to ZDNet, the Nokia 7600 was announced in 2003 and didn't even look like a phone at all with its teardrop shape. It consisted of one interface and looked like a sci-fi communicator meant to be strapped to your wrist. The entire design looks to be pretty awkward to handle and probably needed two hands despite the small size. The Nokia 5510 was released in late 2001 and is pretty clunky and oversized, looking more like a game console or television remote than a cell phone. It was supposed to be a music and multimedia device though and was even able to play MP3 songs while you texted your friends. The QWERTY-keyboard was definitely ahead of the game at the time and made it really easy to keep up with your buddies. Although, the super small monochrome screen probably made it tough to see what you were typing.

They were even one of the first in the cell phone game to release a touchscreen phone, the Nokia 7710. Meant to be used in landscape mode, the phone looked a little more like an interactive tablet than a cell but it definitely impressed.


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