Luxury Electronics for Doomsday Believers and Extreme Sports Enthusiasts

rechargeable radio

Photo Courtesy of Eton

This year brought us so many new luxury electronics that it could be hard to find what you want from the mass. From a rechargeable radio for the doomsday believer to a video recorder that attaches to the wrist, we think these gadgets would make pretty great holiday gifts.

The end of the world is coming on December 21; at least that’s what some folks believe the Mayans were trying tell us. To prepare for this or any other natural disaster, Eton has just what you need – the American Red Cross FRX3, a rechargeable radio with AM/FM, all seven NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) weather band stations and an “alert” system that will automatically broadcast emergency weather alerts for your area - such as hurricanes, tornadoes and severe storms. The best part about this device is that you can either set the solar panel in the sun or simply crank the hand turbine just one minute to get 10 to 15 minutes of radio and flashlight use. You can always use some AAA batteries or DC power (mini-USB included) as well. It also acts as a smart phone charger by just plugging in your phone to the USB port.

 smart thermostat
Ever left the house on vacation and forgot to shut the heat off? The folks at Venstar have created a new ColorTouch residential thermostat with just you in mind. Now you can control the temperature in your home from the convenience of your smart phone. This programmable touch-screen thermostat, which is compatible with all heating and air conditioning equipment, uses a Wi-Fi key that allows you to connect remotely using Venstar’s Skyport Cloud Services. Everyone who comes into your home will comment on the 100 digital images that can be loaded on as a screen saver or background wallpaper so it can display as a digital slideshow - you can even zoom, rotate and adjust the color brightness - or simply set it to one of the preset themes such as Christmas, Thanksgiving and Halloween. For the thermostat settings, homeowners have the ability to easily adjust preferences, including daylight savings time and vacation and security options requiring a password. Photo Courtesy of Venstar wearable video recorder
Jumping out of a plane, heli-skiing, mountain climbing, bungee diving, swimming with sharks. You’ve done it all but don’t have the proof to show it – until now. Meet your new action packed best friend – Drift HD Ghost. This is the first two-way wearable remote control with LEDs, wrist wrap, on/off indictor light, video recording capabilities (up to three hours per charge) and even a photo snapping option from up to 30 feet away. You can save the event up to five minutes after it happened but only if you choose to “tag” it. The footage can also be easily edited, deleted or played remotely from your phone. You don’t even have to worry about scratching the screen when you are jumping out of your next airplane because the two-inch LCD screen is covered with Gorilla Glass to ensure it is always scratch proof and the unique design allows the camera to be waterproof up to nine feet. It doesn't get much better than this. Photo Courtesy of Drift HD Ghost

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