$8k Eigenharp Alpha is the "Most Expressive Electronic Instrument Ever"

electric instrument Eigenlabs

Photo Courtesy of Eigenlabs

Calling itself the "most expressive electronic instrument ever made," the Eigenharp Alpha from Eigenlabs will certainly cost you a pretty penny. Designed to give every musician an impressive musical performance (assuming you can actually play, that is), the Alpha supposedly offers a "limitless range of sounds." The instrument can play and record loops, change scale and key, transpose, alter tempo, create arrangements, program beats, and switch and layer between sounds — all while performing live. It does all of this using its 120 sensitive keys, 12 percussion keys, two strip controllers and a breath pipe (which is actually optional). Pretty much everything you need comes in the box, including a case, various cables, a base, and a DVD with tons of media and sound files on it. The Alpha definitely seems like something only a seasoned professional should play with, maybe someone in Elton John's band, but if you can figure this thing out, you can probably play anything.

Mila Pantovich

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