Motorola's Android Wear Moto 360 Blends Traditional Watch Face With High-Tech Expectations

Motorola, Moto 360, smart watch

Photos Courtesy of Motorola

Motorola's recently announced Moto 360 brings a lot of the technology you would expect from an Android Wear device straight to your wrist, but the company has taken things a step further than others touting similar devices. Unlike previous offerings from the likes of Samsung and LG, Motorola has designed the Moto 360 to look and function just like a standard wristwatch, while offering so much more.

Motorola, Moto 360, smart watch

The first thing wearers should notice is that the device is crafted from leather and metal, which gives it an immediate advantage over other Android Wear devices in that it neither looks, nor feels, like a kid's watch. In fact, the design is one of a premium timepiece, with beveled edges and clean lines, and at first glance doesn't even appear to be a smart watch at all. 

Motorola, Moto 360, smart watch

As you would expect from an Android Wear device, the Moto 360 will display social posts, calendar entries, GPS directions, sports scores and anything else you want it to show. Motorola has written on their blog that the notifications will grab the wearer's attention "through subtle alerts and notifications." Judging by the images, the alerts will fill the watch face in the same way one would except from a smartphone. The device will also work similar to new Android devices in that it will respond to voice commands, starting with the phrase "Ok Google."

Slated to be released this summer, the Moto 360 will be offered in different styles around the globe, with the United States to see the first release.

Motorola, Moto 360, smart watch

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