The Luxe List: This Holiday, Think Blue and You'll Be Golden

Luxury Electronics: For the throngs of technophiles both entrenched and emerging, nothing says "I care" like a communications device. This year, gadgeteers of all ages will surely place Bluetooth gear at the top of their holiday wish lists.

In my quest to help luxe-lifers gift with ease and confidence this season, I've uncovered this assortment of noteworthy Bluetooth-compatible devices -- all available at industry leading eTailer Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard Astounding! Imagine using a laser-projected virtual keyboard that detects key strokes on any smooth, flat surface! Smaller than a stick of butter, this Virtual Keyboard is a lightweight projector that can be used with a Bluetooth-compatible smart phone or PDA. Simply tap the projected images of the keys, and the Virtual Keyboard will respond instantly with audible clicks. ($298.50)

Smart Fabric Bluetooth Keyboard
Made of a soft, durable and pressure-sensitive fabric, this innovative Bluetooth keyboard can be rolled up to the size of a TV remote. While it feels like soft denim, the keyboard is very responsive. Use it wirelessly with Bluetooth-equipped PDAs, such as a Pocket PC or BlackBerry. ($121.47)

Blackberry Compatible Bluetooth Freedom Keyboard
Type e-mails and write memos quickly and easily on your PDA with this portable wireless Bluetooth keyboard, designed to work with Pocket PCs, Palm PDAs and the BlackBerry. Includes travel pouch and software CD-ROM. ($114.99)

ArtDio Portable Bluetooth Stereo Speaker
This portable speaker plays audio from compatible Bluetooth devices, such as cell phones, PDAs or notebook computers. It also has a 3.5mm audio line-in jack, making it compatible with non-Bluetooth devices, including iPods®. The ArtDio can also function as a hands-free Bluetooth speakerphone. ($76.49)

Hands Free Wireless LCD Bluetooth Speakerphone
Take your cell phone calls in the car safely - and legally - with this wireless Bluetooth speakerphone, which clips to your sun visor or other suitable base. Compatible with nearly any Bluetooth cell phones with a hands-free profile, this device features a wide blue LCD screen that displays caller's phone number among other at-a-glance data. ($69.74)

Expresscard Bluetooth Media Remote
Allows you to control the multi-media functions of your Bluetooth-enabled notebook computer from as far as 30-feet away! Play music, watch DVDs, flip through photos from afar. ($66.53)

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