Sep. 7th, 2010

Definitive Technology: Super-thin, Lightweight Wall Speakers

Luxury Electronics: Up against the wall never looked so inviting!

The big-screen HDTV fits the wall perfectly and the speaker sticks out like a recently slammed throbbing thumb or a giant cuckoo clock nailed to the wall. The agony of this issue of unbalanced decorum is an eyesore no more with the sleek Definitive Technology Mythos XTR-50 single-speaker setup that mounts to a wall and juts out only one-and-one-half inches.

The single-speaker model weighs in at just a tad over five pounds and easily adjusts to the orientation of a room. Introduced earlier this year, industry pundits already are speaking up in regard to the DT Mythos XTR-50 speakers providing extraordinarily potent output.

The manufacturer suggests pairing its SuperCube subwoofers for a complete home-theater speaker system that would be ideal for home and office use. Go straight to the source for full details on all of Definitive Technology's products.

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