Harmonic Environments: Unique Indoor Waterfalls

Home Decor: Harmonic Environments creates relaxing and peaceful indoor environments, one blissful waterfall at a time.

Harmonic Environments is the brainchild of Colorado Rocky inhabitant Steven Wonder, who wanted a way to bring the natural beauty of the outdoors inside.

"I was living in a pristine environment," Steven explains. "Nature all around me. Majestic views. From my window I could see the Continental Divide. But there was something missing. And that something was — flowing water.

"So, I designed a 10' tall x 5' wide indoor waterfall (a first of its kind) for our home, and commissioned a local carpenter to build it.

"My neighbors and friends were so mesmerized with the waterfall that I began building custom indoor waterfalls for their homes and offices, as well."

From Steven's early inspiration, Harmonic Environments has grown to provide indoor waterfall installations for major corporations as well as private homes, adding a sense of peace of tranquility.

Indoor waterfalls range from two-sided art pieces to unobtrusive wall installations reminiscent of fireplaces. In keeping with individual interests, Harmonic Environments Feng Shui as well as water-saving devices. For a new twist in home décor, check out the Waterplace, inspired by a traditional fireplace.

Carly Zinderman

Carly Zinderman is a Senior Staff Writer for JustLuxe, based just outside of Los Angeles, CA. Since graduating from Occidental College with a degree in English and Comparative Literary Studies, she has written on a variety of topics for books, magazines and online publications, but loves fashion and style best. In her spare time, when she?s not writing, Carly enjoys watching old movies, reading an...(Read More)

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