Jan. 3rd, 2011

World Globes Courtesy of Bellerby Globemakers

Home Decor: Nothing says luxury like a well-appointed collection of books and maps. And what's more elegant than an old-world style globe to show visitors where you've been and where you plan to go? Bellbery & Co creates both replica and newly designed globes, reminiscent of those found in the offices and libraries of aristocrats.

Bellerby Globemakers offers two models of globes, the Perano and the Britannia. The Perano comes in the brightly colored Terrestrial, a globe of the 18th Century with up to 12 layers of pigment painted on the map to give a deep patina. The Celestial, which is dark to reflect the night sky, depicts the 88 Celestial constellations, along with approximately 3,000 stars. The Britannia is a hand-painted and more modern approach to globe making, and includes modern country borders and boundaries.

Each globe is accompanied with a book that describes the unique process that goes into making each globe.

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