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Four-legged friends have become a big part of family life; even more so now that pet-friendly hotels are not only welcoming dogs but rolling out the red carpet for their stay. Now, you can continue that pampered pooch treatment right at home with Dutch Dog Design’s DoggySnooze elevated dog bed. The beds were designed by an avid dog lover so you know they are crafted using the best health, safety and design standards. Finally, we have found the perfect dog bed!

We have a 55-pound English bulldog (Bertha) so we chose a large black snoozeSofa with anodized silver frame, black bed layer and black bolsters. If you are unsure about which size would be best for your pet, simply call Dutch Dog Design and they are only too happy to help you choose the correct size. They have thousands of elevation, bed layer and bolster color options to choose from so you can literally create your own bed based on your preferences.

The stylish, contemporary bed is quite easy to set up, requiring just a few steps to get it into proper form. If you have a dog that chews, this durable pet bed was made for them in mind constructed of a chew-resistant base.

Since our dog is 10 years old, we love the orthopedic memory foam layer the bed provides giving her the additional back support she needs as she gets older. We also love that the bed layer is washable making for a quick clean. The elevated pet bed was just the right height off the floor and easy for our dog to get in and out of despite her arthritis. Most pet beds like the one we had previously tried not only lose their cushioning but lie flat on the floor, making it difficult for senior dogs to enter and exit.

The best thing about this pet bed is that it is so lightweight that you can easily take it outdoors for your furry friend to bask in the sun, move it up into your office so he or she can watch you while you work or simply place it like we did in front of the fireplace to keep them warm at night. Dutch Dog Design also makes a sleek snoozePad, snoozeSleeper, and snoozeLounge as well as highDiner elevated feeders.

Since your dog’s bed plays such an important role in their health, happiness and sense of security, you will be relieved to know Dutch Dog Design pet beds really do offer the best of everything. Trust us your pet will love you for it. Prices start at $119. For more information, visit
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