The Farm
What Exterior and Interior Designers Can Do With 150-Acres

Many people think about urban sprawl when they think of luxury living, private cars cruising through city streets while a Chihuahua hangs out the window. Or maybe an island resort comes to mind, with sunbathing and fine dining. While all of that is certainly nice, it will be hard to beat the peace of mind that would come with living at The Farm, a 150-acre property in Western Pennsylvania that has had every design aspect, be it the layout of a kitchen or the furnishing in the green house, impeccably tailored by a team of caring professionals.

Esther Dormer, with the help from her team (including interior/exterior designer Lisa Dagnal and organic specialist Darrell Frey) spent over a decade with this property, which was apparently once littered with old car tires, trash, muddy soil, and dead plant-life. lltitle=Revitalized Pennsylvanian Farm Land### llcontent=A talented design team is behind the complete transformation of 150-acres of sprawling land in Pennsylvania. Once littered with garbage, this land is now thriving will lush greenery and thoughtful structures.

Mila Pantovich

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