Molteni Stoves Bring Luxury to the Kitchen

Luxury Appliances: Molteni stoves have a long and prestigious history of offering chefs the best possible cooking surface.

In 1923, Joseph Molteni began crafting unique ranges based on the specifications of master chefs. Today, that heritage of quality and attention to detail continues, with Molteni manufacturing unique stoves that give master chefs the world over the ultimate cooking tool. More recently, Molteni has moved into the home, giving gourmets the best possible stoves and ovens right in their own kitchen.

The St Uze has a solid top for multiple cooking, two burners and an oven.

The Professionnel 120 has temperatures that range between 100C to 350C and anoven and two burners. The model can be expanded to also include heated and non-heated coordinated cabinets, or with two additional burners.

Molteni ranges are built to last and give outstanding performances, made even better by stunning aesthetics, including shiny enamel and gleaming hardware available in a wide variety of colors and finishes to make every luxury kitchen even better.

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Carly Zinderman

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