Italian Style - Beautiful Tuscan Inspiration for Your Home

Home Decor: The beauty of Tuscany finds its way into these lovely room designs. Get inspired to create a Tuscany retreat of your own.

The northern Italian region of Tuscany offers visitors an overwhelming experience for the senses with the sounds of its music, the smells of its cooking and the visual richness of its distinctive style.

The Tuscan landscape is filled with Terra-cotta rooftops and cypress trees, and by the soft sun-drenched hues of local marble and clay. In Tuscany one finds frescoes, cracked and worn by time, still vibrant with original pigment, depicting ancient deities and the decadence f the late Roman empire. Mosaic tiles, wrought iron gates and portals, distinctive bridges and architecture all reinforce the unique Tuscan identity.

Tuscan rooms typically are beautifully proportioned on classical lines. Ceiling height, the size and scale of such features as the fireplace, windows and doors as well as furniture all play an important role in creating balance and harmony within the room.

Wall: Plaster walls, stucco-lustre and marmorino walls all evoke the classic Italian feeling. Use tapestries, gold leaf and ornate detailing such as plaster moldings all help to define the interior.

Accessories: Painted tiles, colorful plates and Marino glass from Venice are within the Tuscan aesthetic. Wrought iron objects such as sconces and candle holders combined with materials such as stone, fabric, and plaster to create this natural Italian style.

Ceilings: Rich, textured ceiling medallions create elegance. Old wood beams would evoke a rustic look, while stenciled borders and vaulted or paneled ceiling create an architectural framework uniquely expressive of this style.

Floors: Terra-cotta tiles, glazed ceramics and marble inlay in intricate patterns are examples of this Italian style. Mosaic work, often of glass, stone or tile adds flare and energy.

Fabric: Silk, velvets and hard woven brocades are used in furnishings, curtains and beddings.

Furniture: Furniture varies greatly. From rustic pieces to the classic veneered and hand painted items. Inlay and gilt details all support the rich visual texture of this style.

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