5 Pounds of Sustainable Luxury: Bella's Loom Ecru Throw

luxury blanket

Photo Courtesy of Bella's Loom

Though Bella's Loom considers their Thick-Looped Ecru Throw to be the perfect weighted blanket, we actually think it would be a really amazing bath mat. Thick and fluffy, this throw is made from 100 percent organic Turkish cotton and weighs five pounds. With tasseled ends, the 37" x "71" size would look amazing in a really big, ornate bathroom. If you don't like the bathroom idea, it would look pretty amazing at the foot of a bed too. So, is the steep price tag worth it? According to Bella's Loom, it absolutely is! Not only are their products handmade by craftsmen in Turkey on an old-style shuttled loom (it takes four to ten days to just make one towel), they never use chemicals in growing the cotton or in the coloring dyes. Organic cotton also happens to be mold and fungus resistant, so you won't have to worry about that damp floor mat. Because they're handmade, the products are also limited in numbers of around 90, so there's a good chance no one else you know will have one.

Mila Pantovich

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