TopBrewer: The Minimalist's Answer to the Perfect Cappuccino Maker

topbrewer coffee machine

Photos Courtesy of Scanomat

If minimalism is your life's theme, the TopBrewer is definitely for you. Getting rid of that bulky coffee machine that takes up counter space, the only visible part of this brewing machine is the swan-like faucet neck that pours coffee and milk. You can even control TopBrewer with the accompanying app for the iPhone and iPad (Android-based devices work too), making it pretty easy to customize your perfect cappuccino.

topbrewer coffee machine

Made in Denmark by family-run Scanomat, TopBrewer can make you an espresso, Americano, cappuccino, latte, macchiato, a simple glass of warm or cold milk, hot water, hot chocolate, still or carbonated water, and even fresh juice. And all you have to do is put a glass under the stainless steel tap.

Designed to be built into any countertop, TopBrewer (which costs around $11k) promises a perfect cup of fresh coffee every time you use it — assuming you keep the supplies well stocked. Scanomat even sources their beans from South American growers who roast specifically for the company.

topbrewer coffee machine

From the app you can customize how you like your coffee, from the amount of foam to the temperature, allowing you to experiment all you want without a barista glaring at you for holding up the Starbucks line. Plus, once you've found your ideal cup, you can save it under favorites and name it whatever you want. 

The gadget is self-cleaning, uses no energy when not in use, and has two grinders to give you that coffee quicker. Sure, you're going to need a lot of space under your counter for the base unit (which includes refrigerating and heating systems, grinders, and brewers), but it looks pretty cool from the surface and it will certainly impress any coffee snobs who walk through your door. 

topbrewer coffee machinetopbrewer coffee machinetopbrewer coffee machine

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