Transamac Recreates the Traditional Hammock to Offer Modern Weightlessness

BELANKA Transamac suspended bed hammock

Photo Courtesy of BELANKA

When we think of a hammock, we generally think of the old rope ones that our dad tied between two trees in the backyard — complete with the unappealing patterns they pressed into the backs of our thighs. The Transamac from French brand BELANKA brings a really cool modern twist to the classic design that everyone loves to nap on in the summer. The cool poolside furniture piece is more like a suspended bed than a hammock, giving a feeling of weightlessness when you relax on it — complete with a raised shelf underneath to hide your things from the sun. Though you can order it in its most basic form, we like the whole package that comes with the "elastomer shrouds" that are reminiscent of a bed canopy. Made using steel that has been treated to resist rusting, the design comes in a wide variety of colors to choose from, whether you like the brightness of canary yellow paired with teal or the more subdued option of dark blues. Several items are available to add on, like curtains (€170/$230) for complete privacy, a mosquito net (€270/$366), and a rain cover (€430/$584). 


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